Oxfordshire - Walk 2

Checkendon to Ipsden, King William IV and back

Length 6.8 miles
Parking Parking at Checkendon recreation ground, RG8 OSR.
Eating & Drinking King William IV at Hailey, The Black Horse at Checkendon (north of F- following the walk turn left at the crossroads before Scot's Farm).
Route From the car park head out on to Uxmore road and turn left. Immediately turn right when you come to the church of St Peter and St Paul following the road up to some private gates. Take the footpath to the right of these gates and continue until you reach a fork in the path, taking the left hand footpath. There will be a field on your right and woods to your left. Continue into woods on both sides and when you reach a junction at A turn right. Continue along the footpath, crossing Bradley's street and going through a field which often has horses in it. This leads to a wood where you should take the middle path which eventually come out on Garsons Lane at B. Turn left on Garsons Lane and then immediately right onto a footpath with a farm to your right. Go into and through another wood which brings you out into a field. Follow the path round onto Berins Hill road, turning left. Where the road turns round to the right there is a footpath- take this path. This straight path leads to Ipsden at point C. Upon passing the Village Hall in Ipsden take the road up the hill to the right. Once you have passed the crossroads look out for a footpath which cuts across the road and fields diagnonally to the right. Turn right on to this path and continue until you reach a road, turning right. The King William IV is just up the gentle hill on the left, with wonderful views across the countryside at D. Continue along the road which eventually truns into a track. This leads into some woods, continue along winding around until you reach Homer Farm at E. Take the footpath on the right hand side into a field which then continues into woodland. Continue on this path until you reach Kit Lane, turning right when you reach a fork in the road. Pass two crossroads, going straight on at both. Pass Scot's Farm on your left and follow the road around to your left. You will reach Checkendon Equestrian Centre at F. Turn right onto the footpath just before the Centre and follow this along. This will bring you back to the church of St Peter and St Paul, and from here you turn left then right to get back to the recreation ground.
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King William IV at Hailey, Oxfordshire
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