Buckinghamshire - Walk 1

Ibstone, Turville and Fingest

Length 7.5 miles
Parking Parking along the Ibstone road in Ibstone, HP14 3XT
Eating & Drinking The Bull and Butcher at Turville, The Chequers at Fingest, The Fox Country Inn at Ibstone
Route From the Fox take the path through the trees and along the west edge of Ibstone common. Head downhill onto a tarmac drive. Go past Hellcorner Farm on your left at point A. At a fork in the path take the right hand track just before point B. When you reach a road turn left.Walk for approx 700 meters along the road and then turn right through a field and into Churchfield wood at point C. Pass to the left of Turville court and walk due East. Descend into Turville village. Walk along ther path which leads to the windmill but take a right on leaving the village. Follow the path accross a road and into Fingest. Turn left onto the road that leaves Fingest going north. Follow the road around until you reach a path going off to the left at D. Follow the path around with fields on either side. Eventually you will reach a wooded area on either side. Follow the path along ignoring side paths off to the right and left. Take the left hand fork at E which returns you via a steep climb to the Ibstone road. Turn right and you are back at the start.
Notes Check out the John Piper stained glass window in nearby Pishill church - well worth a visit!
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Countryside around Turville, Buckinghamshire
The Bull and Butcher, Turville, Buckinghamshire
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