Berkshire - Walk 6

Down the Pang

Length 4.9 miles
Parking Car park at Rushall Manor Farm - postcode RG7 6DS
Eating & Drinking No pubs en route but local village Stanford Dingley has the Boot and the Bull
Route Head south from the car park along the track, taking the footpath on the right through the hedge and diagonally across the fields. Head over the road and onto the footpath the other side, turning right and following the path parallel to the road. Turn left at the end at point A and follow the grassy path down towards the Pang. Cross the Pang, turning left at the junction and first right up the hill with fences on both sides. At the top go through the gate and turn left, following the straight path to Rotten Row at point B. Turn left when you get to the road and go down the hill, reaching a path at the bottom where you turn right. Follow the path along, you can veer off left to see the ford along the Pang. Retrace your steps back to the main path and turn left, follwing the path straight with trees on your left. When you get to the road turn right, then left and onto a path which skirts to the left of a field with a wood on the left. Follow the path straight until eventually you meet up with Pang on the left. Follow the Pang through Bradfield College grounds at point C and into Bradfield itself. When you get to the main road turn left. At point D turn left along a track with house to the right. Follow the path to the right and start across a field. Cross the field diagnonally to the left. Go through a hedge and eventually come out at a road which you cross and go up a track towards Greathouse Cottages. Go past the cottages and eventually you will come to a four way split in the path. Take the path to the left at D and double back on yourself through the woods. Go right past the camp and up a small hill to the left. Follow along the edge of the wood until it comes out at a road. Cross onto the track that leads back to the car park at Rushall Manor Farm car park.
Notes In the summer you can stop at point C to take in a game of cricket in Bradfield College grounds
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Clearing in Greathouse Woods at point E
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