Berkshire - Walk 4

Pangbourne, Tidmarsh and Sulham

Length 4.6 miles
Parking Car park in Pangbourne, RG8 7AN
Eating & Drinking The Cross Keys in Pangbourne, The Elephant in Pangbourne, The Swan in Pangbourne, The Greyhound in Tidmarsh
Route From the car park cross the road via the pedestrian crossing and turn right. Turn left when you get to the roundabout. Cross the next pedestrian crossing and walk past the main square with the George pub on your left. Turn right into the Moors and keep on going with houses on both sides. At the end of the street a footpath continues- follow this and you will come out into some open fields. Follow the path which will meet the Pang on the right. Continue along until you reach a footbridge over the Pang which you should cross at point A. Follow the path along which should come out into a field. Join a track and continue passing the Old Rectory. The path will eventually bring you out onto the road north of Tidmarsh. Continue along the pavement until you reach the Greyhound on your left at point B. Turn left at the crossroads and continue along until you reach a path going off to the left which crosses the Pang again. Walk across 2 fields until you come out at a road where you should turn left and then directly right into another field. Sulham wood will be ahead of you. Walk into Sulham wood and turn left following the path along at point C. Walk north and take the second path on the left which goes past Purley Hall on the right before point D. Follow the path down and you will come out via Home Farm. Turn right when you reach the road and travel on. Cross the main road and follow the path towards the railway. Cross underneath the railway and continue on the path which will take you to the Thames at point E. Upon reaching the Thames turn left and follow the Thames Path back into Pangbourne via the Dolphin Centre. Turn left out of the Dolphin Centre and go under the railway once more to return to the center of Pangbourne. Visit a pub of your choice for a refreshing beverage or return to the car park!
Notes There was a roman settlement at Pangbourne and the Domesday Book records two manors and two mills. One of these may have been near the Pang's confluence with the Thames.
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The Swan at Pangbourne, Berkshire
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