Berkshire - Walk 3

Beenham to Douai, Chapel Row and Stanford Dingley

Length 7.0 miles
Parking Car park at Victory Hall in Beenham, RG7 5NT
Eating & Drinking The Six Bells at Beenham, The Bladebone at Chapel Row, The Boot at Stanford Dingley, The Bull at Stanford Dingley.
Route Turn right out of the Victory Hall car park and walk through Beenham. Cross the road and when you come to a footpath sign next to a park and turn left. Continue through the park to a walkway. Go straight through and turn right at the junction. Turn immediately left onto the footpath out of Beenham. Follow the footpath into some woods keeping to the right hand side. Exit the woods and bear left crossing the field with the spire of Douai Abbey in the distance. Continue to point A working your way through the housing estate and to the front of the old school. Take the road south out of Upper Woolhampton past Elstree school then take the footpath on the other side of the road right into the countryside. Stay to the East side of Channel wood and emerge back onto the road. Turn right and left after 100 yards onto another footpath traversing a field. Head toward Copyhold Farm. Continue north into Chapel Row at point B. Take the turning on the right and after 100 yards take a track on the right hand side between some houses. Follow the track through Coombe Wood and on to Stanford Dingley. When you emerge onto the road turn right and walk to the T junction at point C. Go straight over onto the unmade road. Take the first path on the right and skirt round the field. Emerge onto the field and cross it reaching a style at the far end. Go through the wood, turning right at the junction and emerge back onto the road turning left. Walk down the road and go straight ahead onto the footpath at the turning, following it down through the wood. When you emerge back on the road turn left and follow the verge until you see the footpath sign on the other side of the road. Cross the road and go down the driveway following the footpath signs. Emerge in a field crossing it and the small bridge at the far end. Go past the farm and the Wolf Conservation sanctuary and come out back on the road at Beenham. Turn right and return to Victory Hall.
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Douai Abbey in Upper Woolhampton at point A
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