Berkshire - Walk 2

Yattendon to Ashampstead Common and West Berkshire Brewery

Length 5.1 miles
Parking Car park in Yattendon
Eating & Drinking The Royal Oak in Yattendon or West Berkshire Brewery
Route Walk East from Yattendon car park past the Royal Oak pub. Turn left just before reaching the church onto a marked footpath. Continue on with a wood on your left and a field on your right and then a wood on your right and a field on your left. Go past Calvesleys Farm on the right hand side at point A. Continue on skirting the wood on your left and follow it round to the right. Go through the wood and out the other side. Turn right onto the path and continue for 1/4 mile before taking another right turning up a small hill. Go through some woods and emerge out into a field. Emerge out at Ashampsted Common at point B and cross Yattendon Lane. Veer right through some woods toward Burnt Hill at point C. Follow the road due south from Burnt hill and turn onto the footpath on the right just before the motorway. Follow the footpath round to West Berkshire Brewery at point D. Follow the footpath back into Yattendon and the car park.
Notes West Berkshire Brewery serves an excellent selection of beers and lagers and has a top notch kitchen.
GPX Download Yattendon to Ashampstead Common and West Berkshire


Royal Oak at Yattendon, Berkshire
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