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This is a collection of my favourite circular 3-10 mile walks from the Thames Valley, focusing on Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Where possible I have included a nice stop at a local hostelry, after all what is better than a thirst quenching pint and packet of crisps along the way. A picture is worth a thousand words so please see below for a selection of lovely views from these walks!

Overview Routes
Thames Valley Walks Map 15
Berkshire Walks Length
Walk 1: Streatley - Lardon Chase, Lough Down and the Holies 3.5 miles
Walk 2: Yattendon to Ashampstead Common and West Berkshire Brewery 5.1 miles
Walk 3: Beenham to Douai, Chapel Row and Stanford Dingley 7.0 miles
Walk 4: Pangbourne, Tidmarsh and Sulham 4.6 miles
Walk 5: Warren Farm to the Bell at Aldworth and back via Kiddington Cottage 4.9 miles
Walk 6: Down the Pang 4.9 miles
Walk 7: Farnborough circular including John Piper 5.3 miles
Oxfordshire Walks Length
Walk 1: Wallingford and William the Conqueror's Castle 7.8 miles
Walk 2: Checkendon to Ipsden, King William IV and back 6.8 miles
Walk 3: Sheepcot to Hartslock along Thames 5.0 miles
Walk 4: Sheepcot to Cold Harbour and back via South Stoke 7.3 miles
Walk 5: Maharajah’s Well at Stoke Row and John Piper's Nettlebed 7.4 miles
Walk 6: Ardington to East Hendred and the Eyston Arms 6.3 miles
Walk 7: Abingdon's Architecture 6.6 miles
Buckinghamshire Walks Length
Walk 1: Ibstone, Turville and Fingest 7.5 miles
Goring-on-Thames from Lardon Chase, Berkshire
Bluebells near Grim's Ditch, Oxfordshire
View from Hartslock to Thames Railway Bridge, Oxfordshire


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